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Monthly Schedule

1st Friday: Planet Explorer
2nd Friday: The Starlight Odyssey Sessions OR Stellar Safari
3rd Friday: The Starlight Odyssey Sessions OR Stellar Safari
4th Friday: Film Club

Find dates for The Starlight Odyssey Sessions here.


Film Club: Dynamic Earth

19th April, 7:30pm

Film Club is the ultimate planetarium experience – enjoy both a live night sky update from our presenter and a stunning full dome film. All for the price of a single show!

Planet Explorer

3rd May, 7:30pm

Planet Explorer will introduce kids and adults alike to the spheres we share our skies with in a fun and easy way. Journey through the solar system with us in this live presentation that will take you from the star that powers it all through to the very edges of our interstellar home!

Stellar Safari

10th May, 7:30pm

A family-friendly live show to get you looking up. Perfect for stargazers of any age, this is an easy-to-follow introduction to the universe we live in. Sit back and relax as we take you on an interstellar journey like no other!

The Starlight Odyssey Sessions

17th May, 7:30pm

A 2-hour cosmic extravaganza, setting out all the latest news and developments in astronomy and space science in a fascinating way that anyone can understand. With something for the novice and experienced stargazer alike, Starlight Odyssey is not to be missed!