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17th November, 7:30pm

The Starlight Odyssey Sessions

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About Woking Planetarium

Woking Planetarium is the only state school owned planetarium in the UK, and it's open to the public. With regular shows for all the family, experience an immersive 360ᵒ look at the cosmos, and much more besides! Our shows aim to explore the night sky in a fun and engaging way. You can even tailor them to your specific interests in the case of external hire! Read on to find out what's on offer and what you can expect. What is a planetarium? With the use of Digitarium technology, our planetarium can show you the night sky anywhere from the Australian outback to your own back garden. You can fly through space and even beyond our own galaxy! All this is shown above and around you on a 360° screen, just like the real sky. Our presenter is in full control, using images and data from real scientific research, brought…

About Woking Planetarium