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Here is your one-stop shop for space launches with our July launch schedule. This month sees at least 45 satellites launched, 1 spacecraft launched and 1 launch to a space station. Read on to find out more!

Last updated: August 1st 2021

Satellite Launches

  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 1st OneWeb 8 : A Russian Soyuz rocket launches 36 satellites for OneWeb. It will launch from Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia at 13:48 BST.
  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 3rd Jilin 1 : 4 Jilin 1 Earth observation satellites and another small satellite, Xingshidai 10, are launched for Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co. Ltd. They will launch aboard a Chinese Long March 2D rocket at Taiyun, China at 03:51 BST.
  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 5th Fengyun 3E : The China Meteorological Administration launches the Fengyun 3E polar-orbiting weather satellite aboard a Long March 4C rocket from Jiuquan, China at 00:28 BST.
  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 6th Tianlian 1-05 : China launch the 5th Tianlian 1 data relay satellite. It will launch from Xichang, China at 16:53 BST aboard a Long March 3C rocket.
  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 9th Ningxia 1 : A Chinese Long March 6 rocket launches multiple Ningxia 1 satellites from the Taiyuan space centre, China at 12:59 BST.
  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 30th Star One D2 & Eutelsat Quantum : Arianespace launch an Ariane 5 ECA rocket designated VA254 from Kourou, French Guiana. It will contain the Star One D2 and Eutelsat Quantum communications satellites. Star One D2 is owned by Embratel Star One and was built by Maxar. Part of an ESA, Eutelsat and Airbus research and development project, the Eutelsat Quantum satellite was built by SSTL and Airbus. Delayed from January, February, March 4th, May and July 27th.

Spacecraft Launches

  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 29th STP-27RM : Rocket Lab launch an Electron rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, Wallops Island, Virginia for the U.S. Air Force. It will contain the experimental mission Monolith, a space weather instrument forming part of the Space Test Program. Delayed from mid-2019, August 2020, September 2020 and end of 2020. Launch site moved from Virginia to New Zealand.

Launches to Space Stations

  • LAUNCH SUCCESS 21st Nauka : A new laboratory module for the International Space Station, named Nauka or the Multipurpose Laboratory Module, will launch aboard a Russian government Proton rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan at 15:58 BST. It will also carry the European Robotic Arm. Delayed from July 15th.