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The International Space Station.

Know a young stargazer in Year 6, 7 or 8? Our Spacewalkers holiday course is just the thing to keep them occupied outside of term time! This 3-day course will see students embark on their own interstellar journey, working on projects unique to each individual. Past topics include black holes, deep space and the establishment of a colony on Mars. Complete with hands on activities and planetarium sessions, this course is a one-of-a-kind experience for the astronomers and scientists of tomorrow.

Spacewalkers explores the fascinating depths of space in a fun and engaging way. Hands on activities allow the students to work together, solve problems and learn how to find answers for themselves. As well as this, students have the opportunity to experience the planetarium as a unique learning tool. They can learn to find constellations, observe planets and navigate the solar system in a fully customisable virtual environment.

Students will spend each day learning the basics of astronomy, and applying what they learn to projects of their own design. Spacewalkers also builds research skills, confidence and encourages curiosity. In addition, you can see all of this in action with student presentations at the end of the course.

Spacewalkers takes place once in every school holiday, including half terms but excluding the Christmas holidays. The course has a limited number of places, so book now to avoid missing out. Students from all schools welcome!